As basic connectivity becomes a commodity, “Telcos” are turning to a vast array of services such as VAS (Value Added Services) to differentiate themselves, attract new customers and boost margins and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). According to the latest stats, the Mobile VAS Services Market in 2018 has reached $690 Billion. Consequently, and in order to help operators maintain and enhance their market position, Monty Mobile developed and deployed diverse MVAS that appeal to various customer segments such as: Ads and Rewards, Roaming Star, Gain and retain, Big Data, In-touch, E-Box, Monty Finance, Roadways, M-Cloud, M-Safe and M-Government.

MVAS are beneficial for both subscribers and operators

Wondering how to build your own VAS propositions?

We’ve got your back. Above all, you need to know that the diversity in the type of VAS offered by telecoms will increase in the coming years as there are more mobile phones users and operators are increasingly looking for new ways to maximize customer satisfaction and retention. This is where Monty Mobile has come across as an excellent way to attract new subscribers, with its VAS collection offering a variety of compelling services that includes, and is not limited to: roaming, infotainment, mobile payment, SMS, loyalty, voice, call completion, etc.

Now that you know how essential VAS is to reach your priority goals, mainly:

  1. Seize your customer expectations
  2. Stimulate interactivity & interests
  3. Fulfill unmet needs
  4. Develop a sustainable revenue stream
  5. Explore distribution channels

Keep in mind that your key attributes to drive efficient VAS adoption are:

  • Innovation
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Data optimization

Hereafter, it’s your call to turn communication into a success factor and improve your customer’s loyalty. Together and with our customized VAS, your range of services will provide a real value to your customers and help you remain competitive in the market.

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