Tips on Working From Home

Good companies’ value their employees more than their norms, under such critical situation around the world majorly all companies have allowed their employees to work from home and stay safe.

Work from home is somehow a new quest for all employees. Many challenges are to be waiting and need to deal with in the best way;
First time; Work from Home, for a full time and for many days amidst a worldwide crisis!

Now is the time to do things in positive and energetic ways! Here a few tips to get you through this period:

  • Take care of yourself, dress-up and do the necessary tasks. It will keep you motivated to do your daily tasks.
  • Startup your day with a cup of a tea/coffee. It will help you refresh and align your all-day tasks according to the priority. Review your previous day emails and make all the necessary replies.
  • Usually, the workplace environment will give you an easy and comfortable place to work more efficiently. One of the biggest challenges is to find the place at your home, which resembles your workplace. Try to make your virtual office as comfortable as you can.
  • Continuously communicating with your team and manager about your work is essential. Be clear about your working hours. Take a necessary break during lunch hour and have a tea/coffee to stay relaxed and energetic.
  • Managers can create different groups, schedule morning video call kickoffs with your whole team, or may discuss within the team internal issues as well as work-related issue. Video Calls will give your team an idea about how to deal with work and what are the important task needed to be done today.
  • Use online project management tools that will help you as well as your manager to keep the record of accomplishment of your work as well as upcoming tasks. Since you are not present with your team, a small extra time will be needed for valuable communication.
  • Make sure to have a homework life balance the same you would as if you were going to the office. Give yourself the necessary time to be present at home as well especially if you have your spouse and kids at home.
  • One of the biggest distraction is News right now, Staying updated about the COVID-19 is necessary, but try not to make it get to your nerves. Set a time to review the news update daily but not all the time. Finding this balance is necessary to have happy and healthy work-home environment.
  • Adopt the rules of personal cleanliness at home as well, use hand sanitizers and necessary tips to protect yourself from COVID-19.

This is the time for all companies to realize the importance of digitization in times of crisis and this is the time as well for all employees to give their best working from home. The global economy is suffering but it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the wheel turning even in these difficult times. With good training and positive response consideration, both companies and employees can enjoy the benefits of work from home even in crisis.

Stay Away Physically, Be together virtually, and boost up economically.