Eric Brackett, inventor of the most popular form of communication being the SMS, back in 1992, was trying to find a cost-efficient method to tackle the overpriced phone call charges applied by numerous telecom companies at the time. Now, thanks to Mr. Brackett’s undeniably brilliant idea, SMS texting has been the norm for several decades. It has invaded many different markets securing a substantial position in the world of telecommunication.

SMS texting still manages to influence a considerable percentage of the population

Despite the ongoing threats, SMS texting still manages to influence a considerable percentage of the population. A recent market analysis has found that nearly 80% of the global population relies on SMS for business purposes. Additionally, breaking down usage of SMS by percentage, statistics show that:

  • 38% of texting is checking up on the status of an ongoing order (e.g: Food, personal valuables, etc…).
  • 32% of texting is related to serve as a personal reminder (e.g: Doctor appointment).
  • 30% is mostly used for confirmations via SMS (e.g: Restaurant confirmation).

This occurrence concludes the enduring presence of SMS also releasing new trends to boost back its usage.

New SMS Trends

Latest trends include the Rich Communication Services (RCS). It’s a communication protocol between a mobile phone carrier and its clientele with an aim to replace the typical SMS message with a multimedia message, enabling larger content to fit in the SMS to potentially advertise with visual content.

Many companies in the last few years were more inclined to find a content format that suits them and focus all their efforts on producing consistent, quality content for their chosen approach on a regular basis which has been changing because of SMS Marketing.

Customers now expect to see their operators use every channel available so that the development of tailored content becomes reachable. This implies specific graphic content for visual channels such as Instagram and Pinterest, quality articles for blogs, mixed media and video content for Facebook, compelling videos for YouTube and more. Whilst a lot of organisations are doing this, the Content Marketing Institute reports that less than 50% of companies surveyed had invested in mobile marketing in 2017 – despite huge interest from customers. With this in mind, SMS Marketing can play a massive role in reshaping the potential of SMS. It’s a direct marketing channel or supporting marketing efforts with direct links.

Monty Mobile has developed its Enterprise SMS platform so that all operators and enterprises be provided with an exquisite service. Moreover, the SMS market is still the finest form of advertisement globally. With recent studies demonstrating a rapid increase in the number of active mobile phones, nearly reaching 5 billion phones by 2019, it would be a shame to not benefit from the remarkable amounts of revenue that can be generated through this channel in the long run.

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