We have been noticing lately a prevailing misconception that “SMS is dead”, while in fact experience shows that SMS is finding new life amid all the emerging technologies.

Just like any other business in the world, the SMS Market business is surrounded by many misconceptions circulating amongst operators and subscribers alike. While SMS remains a very powerful tool with one of the highest conversion rates among other marketing techniques, many however believe that the SMS world is now over

But think about it!

If SMS is an old technology that should be replaced, then why does SMS activity still overlook other alternatives up till today?

Is it the easy access? Or is it the universality of SMS?
It’s true that social messaging is conquering the planet and the new applications seem to be easier for chatting, however they can never replace the SMS business!
It merely means that mobile users just have more options. Because after all, Internet connection is not available anytime and anywhere, so we just can’t afford to reject SMS, especially that these applications rely on data and use A2P SMS for verification codes, sign up, etc., which consist a huge revenue opportunity that operators benefit from.
In fact, A2P SMS is a must for these various applications as it ensures their reliability, adds up one more level of security and helps reduce the risk of fraud.

And if you think people don’t want you to text them, that’s another misconception!

Not only that!

Most companies depend on SMS for marketing! Because SMS is a better and more effective way to break through the noise of emails and application notifications. SMS marketing provides any size of business with a large number of possibilities to position a company in a better light. Every company from whatever industry may path its own way for an SMS marketing strategy, based on a company’s budget and marketing goals. The main thing to know is that SMS marketing has proved its efficiency for many years – when done correctly, it can yield a really significant ROI.
And if you think people don’t want you to text them, that’s another misconception!
The main point is that text marketing is an opt-in service, and people should give you their permission before you can send messages to them. If you have agreed to receive SMS from a company that means you do want to hear from them, no? So, do you really want to stop receiving an SMS from your favorite store informing you about its 80% sale? We don’t think so either!

In a recent survey, 82% of all smartphone users said they open every single SMS that they receive, while email open rates remain in the low percentages.

Now some of you may question if SMS will be outdated with the introduction of RCS (Rich Communication Services).
Well, it’s an exciting time to innovate!

It is true that RCS is technically a replacement for normal SMS. It is provided by carriers using the RCS standards but works a lot like the downloadable messaging app services. So many people might get this functionality from their carriers over the next few years, yet SMS remains an extremely powerful medium for business.
SMS usage has been widened so that you can use SMS without using SMS! But how?!

SMS has been made more flexible so that it is no longer the exclusive property of mobile phones. For example, a Chrome extension called Send Your Email to SMS from CloudHQ allows you to send and receive SMS messages in Gmail. So we at Monty Mobile dismiss all myths concerning SMS messaging. We do believe that SMS can still make revenue in a multitude of ways. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from seeing the true potential to grow your business.

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