Secure your network with our Firewall!

Many operators are still oblivious to the fact that they are losing billions of dollars! This is mainly due to the un-detection of SMS grey routes terminating millions of OTT and other A2P messages at low or no cost.

According to latest studies, A2P SMS grey-route traffic causes mobile operators to lose $7.7 billion annually – a sum equivalent to $21 million a day.

It is indeed one of the biggest challenges facing service providers today! Hence stopping illegally terminated messages is now more crucial than ever. And a properly managed next-generation firewall is now an imperative for MNOs.

Monty Mobile is always the leader in introducing the latest technologies in its solution and services.

A Smartwall made for the Operator!

With a groundbreaking technology, our SS7 and SMPP Smartwall allows to add customized rules based on different criteria. It guarantees the elimination of all risks of illegitimate traffic while doubling the Operator’s SMS revenue. Smartwall has the ability to take immediate action upon detection of threats or suspicious traffic, leaving the operator’s network completely secure.
Smartwall also offers full monitoring via enhanced reporting system and dashboards.

SIM Boxes and automation of sender/ content manipulation are a big threat that can bypass firewall rules. But Smartwall Machine Learning Algorithms for smarter leakage detection and automatic blocking in real time.

Monty Mobile’s Smartwall is also enriched with a learning curve. It has the ability to differentiate between the traffic to passed and traffic to block.

Customize Smartwall as needed!

Smartwall is developed in house. It includes various advanced algorithms that tackle and block suspicious keywords, characters, and patterns in every message. In addition, Smartwall is able to predict and give a safety score for each message based on all previous data analysis for automatic leakage detection and blocking in real time.

With an easy Installation, full testing, technical backup 24/7 and very flexible payment terms, what more could you possibly ask for?