Today’s online world is full of illuminating tendencies, but on the other side, it is pitch black!
In counting the perks of internet and technology usage, we simply cannot ignore its negative impacts on our growing generation. While it is encouraged to make use of the internet appropriately, its misuse can lead to ruthless results.
On many occasions, parents have observed that while entering their kid’s room, he ducked his phone instantly; it’s an alarming sign! There must be something that he does not want to show them. Being responsible of their kids’ safety, parents seek out ways to track all the activities of their kids to save them from unwanted mishaps.

Especially these days with Covid-19 virus that has invaded the world, to stay safe from the adverse effects and fear of this Virus, Governments are asking the entire world to quarantine. Cities are completely locked downed, offices off, academic institutes are shut till an unknown duration, through this epidemic calamity, nature is giving you a chance to spend more time with your kids and family.
But wait and think! In this catastrophic situation, children are staying at home, which means they have all their time to spend on screens and the internet. More screen time means more vulnerability to get indulged in ill practices.
Pondering what to do to check on what they are doing?
Relax! We have a solution for every problem. Our parenting control app “Safe Surf” is the best option to keep a hawk’s eye on your kid’s onscreen activity.

What is Safe Surf?

Safe Surf is the best parental control app to control all your kid’s devices like smartphones and tablets. It is the terrific blend of web filtering, geo-tracking and device usage management app with a new and intuitive layout. Via this app, you can track your kid’s activities by knowing who they are talking to, what they are browsing and other usage patterns that a parent should know about. You can block hazardous and obnoxious websites so that such objectionable stuff will not appear in the search screen of your kid’s phone. This app is not only providing restriction facility but also teaching your kids to know their limits and use the internet responsibly.

Safe Surf Features

Safe Surf is designed to give a smooth and safe digital experience to our new generation. Kids are more vulnerable to get harm from the online world, so for them, a proper check is compulsory.

  1. Application control
    Through Safe Surf, parents can easily practice security measures by blocking unwanted, unauthorized and age-restricted app from executing in the ways of risking the database. You can customize the “Whitelist” app and block the “Blacklist” apps. It will save your kid’s behavior as well as the device. As some unauthorized applications are loaded with viruses and on downloading they simply ruin the processor of the device. You can have complete control over the downloading activity of your child from your mobile phone.
  2. Web Control and Filtering
    If we open YouTube, often unwanted material may appear on our screens, we do have the sense to ignore that adult content but kids don’t! To track what will appear on your kid’s mobile screen, Safe Surf has the way out. You can now control by applying multiple filters on browsing and searching activity. The restricted content (links, websites, videos, etc) will not appear once you lock them off.
  3. Geolocation Tracker
    It’s a kind of geofencing. Our geolocation tracker will be connected with Google Maps. Wherever your kid is using this app, you will get notified about the exact location. It will increase the security level in case of any emergency or mishap; you can trace your kid easily.
  4. Device usage management
    We are offering two types of device usage management;

Screen time management

More exposure to screens can damage your kid’s mental and physical health. As you have heard “excess of anything is bad”. It’s good that you are tracking the screen activity of your kid, but it doesn’t mean that you allow him to use the device all day long. There should be time restrictions for mobile usage. Our app will help you to know how much time your kid has spent on using the internet so that you can restrain them or stop them. As it’s better to be aware before it’s too late!

Data usage

If you are not downloading anything that doesn’t mean you are not using data, browsing also consumes data. With the help of our data usage management feature, you can check how much data your kid has spent so far.

  1. Gallery and log tracking
    Your kids are smart but you can be smarter by owning this app. Now you can also watch what is in your kid’s phone gallery. If you find anything objectionable, you can delete it from your mobile.
  2. Call log control
    Safe Surf will show you even the deleted call logs. If your kid is talking with anyone suspicious, you can save them with our call log control feature.
  3. SMS control
    Unwanted SMS can be blocked as well. You can push unwanted scam numbers into the block list.

Save your child in this technological world.

By the purchase of this single app, you can easily avail manifold services that are a must to save your child in this technological world. Grab this app without wasting a moment. Your kids are your biggest asset. Help them stay safe even while browsing the internet.
Stay safe, stay aware!