RVS7: Another successful event for Monty Mobile

Heated discussions over Mobile Advertising and Big Data Analytics.
Intense conversations about A2P messaging and challenges that Operators are facing.
Passionate debates about what Operators should be doing to find new revenue streams.
All that and more, were the big drive of RVS7 success.

A week has passed since Monty Mobile proudly hosted the 7th edition of its semi-annual event RVS (Roaming, VAS & SMS) at the Address Hotel – Dubai Mall from the 3rd till the 5th of March.

Our signature RVS event with the MNO’s, is a channel to meet with the Operators, know about their difficulties, introduce new concepts and discuss joint services that can be developed through our partnership by showcasing a number of Monty Mobile’s products and solutions.

Operators are currently frustrated by declining revenues and are in great need to find new ways to make profit. To that end, Monty Mobile launched two new products; eSIM and M-Analytics platforms.

eSIM platform aims to bring the operators’ business into the new era of IoT and future innovations. While M-Analytics can help operators utilize Big Data to build advanced and higher quality services allowing for a more enhanced subscriber experience, increased subscriber loyalty, and additional revenue streams.

Monty Mobile also presented the latest features of our SMS Gateway Management and Smartwall solutions that guarantee to stop all A2P SMS leakages and highly secure the operators’ network, thus maximize their A2P SMS revenues.
On the other hand, RID (Roaming in Dimensions), Monty Mobile’s newest groundbreaking BSS Roaming solution, helps Operators centralize their Roaming Data, gather insights and generate automatic accurate reports which in return increase work efficiency and decision making. This is in addition to other Roaming products such as Roaming Plus and Multi-IMSI SIM Cards that help roaming subscribers to “Roam Global and Pay Local”.

And if looking into getting in the Mobile Advertising business, our showcased VAS product- M-Rewards- will do the trick! It is a medium where subscribers, marketers and operators are all in a win-win situation. Marketers will be able to run short audio advertisements while a caller is waiting for his call to be answered, opt-in subscribers accumulate points that can be redeemed for free services or even handsets. This will allow operators to tap into the mobile advertising business and open up new income channels.

Indeed, this is the real essence of RVS which is now a signature platform where Operators representatives can meet, share their experiences, discover our new products & services, and even discuss getting into partnership with Mobile team.

Thank you all for attending and making this event a huge success!
Next Stop, RVS8!