An effective Operators Network Firewall is one that offers security and above all a proper managed traffic to the Operator.
At Monty Mobile, we are fully aware of the Operators needs and our Smartwall fits all the needed criteria.

What are the main features of SMARTWALL?

  • Real time filtering & analysis of every SMS hitting the network
  • Smart Anti Spamming system
  • Advanced AI and ML algorithms
  • Traffic monitoring with customized fast alerting
  • Advanced reporting module
  • Predefined and customized rules

In addition to many advanced features making Smartwall user friendly with high end finishes and highly effective in fighting off unsolicited network traffic.

Possibly the most talked about problem for MNOs, in terms of their control over their own revenue, is grey routes. And a core component of this problem is the difference between International A2P and National A2P/P2P messaging, and the asymmetry of their pricing. Naturally, operators want their firewall solutions to be able to accurately and consistently differentiate between the two. Our Firewall will certainly perform this task and more.

Years of experience

Take an SMS Firewall. Add 20+ years of experience in the industry, an invaluable knowledge base of global SMS threats, and Machine Learning algorithms for smarter leakage detection and automatic blocking in real time. Indeed, this is the basis of our Smart Wall solution. We know exactly what to look for and how to present information clearly and concisely. After all, mobile operators need to be able to see exactly what is going on with their A2P SMS traffic at any point in time and our monitoring and reporting tools are second to none.

Monty Mobile can bring you the Smart Wall solution quickly, ensuring a rapid stop to revenue leakage. Our business models are flexible and you can take advantage of everything we offer with only minimal initial cost.