Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card

Fintech is changing every aspect of our lives from how we make purchases to how we get loans.
It has come to fill the gap between what Banks are currently offering and what the new generation customers are actually expecting from their Banks.

A gap so big, that many major technological players have jumped in to grab a piece of the industry by offering platforms and services of their own. And Mobile Operators are a major player in this technological outbreak!
By offering a suite of unparalleled financial services, mobile operators can allow their subscribers to see them as far more than just a network enabler. Making their subscribers’ lives easier, mobile operators can drive customer engagement and loyalty with these services.

With such Fintech Services, Operators are tackling a market like no other. Fintech has filled a void around the world for people who do not have access to direct Bank services with Nearly 2 Billion people worldwide who are without Bank Accounts.

Our Virtual Credit Cart

Monty Mobile is proud to be launching it’s Virtual Credit Card.
This Virtual Credit Card offers banking services to both banked and unbanked subscribers, allowing them to complete their purchases with no disruption to existing merchant infrastructures and while incentivizing all stakeholders.

Monty Mobile’s Virtual Card is a groundbreaking service for Operators looking into tackling the huge market of Fintech. A new way to make revenues while satisfying a very well existing customer need. Monty Mobile is also offering to handle all bad debt liabilities for subscribers in addition to covering all investment cost.

A trusted and secure credit card that can be used anywhere in the world to make virtual online payments whenever needed.
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