Monty Mobile has the answer to Roaming Bill Shocks!

Travelers nowadays look for data without being overcharged. But the up rise of Roaming depends on many factors one of which is the reduction of roaming tariffs. This is why pushing to activate roaming plans is a main source of revenue for Operators.

Bill Shock Concerns

Most people avoid turning on their roaming data when traveling abroad since they are concerned of bill shock. Consequently, this leads to mobile operators consistently losing revenue to services such as local SIM providers, WIFI, hotels etc… in the country visited.

In addition, many go through the hassle of waiting in long queues in airports to buy local SIM cards and to change their SIMs. Or go through the bother of connecting to unreliable WIFI networks which aren’t always available.

We can no longer ask consumers to adjust their data consumption just because they are travelling. In fact many agree that roaming plans of their operators are asking them to do just that!

Monty Mobile has developed a vast portfolio of several Roaming services that allow roamers to travel with data freely.
Roamers will be able to keep their SIM cards and be able to provide revenue to their local operators without the concern of overpaying.

Monty Mobile provides mobile operators with the chance of increasing their roaming coverage without the need to manage several direct roaming agreements at the same time.

Our roaming services portfolio holds many advantages and includes several products that can help enhance operators’ services when it comes to activating their silent roamers:

  • Multi IMSI
    Our Multi IMSI grants mobile operators the ability to offer their subscribers reduced roaming costs when abroad without the need to change their SIM cards.
    When a subscriber having MULTI IMSI SIM card turns on his mobile phone abroad, the system automatically looks for the IMSI having the lowest rate for this destination and latch him to the appropriate network. The subscriber can then roam globally at local rates. With Monty Mobile, customers will enjoy the widest roaming network in the world with more than 600 global operators with reduced data, voice and SMS tariffs.
  • Roaming Plus Services
    Roaming Plus is an international SIM Card that offers reduced data rates packages to help travelers avoid bill shock or buying local SIM Cards.
    With Roaming Plus, mobile operators can expand their roaming ability, benefit from the most competitive international service agreements for data, maintain full user control and visibility, and provide customers with global roaming packages.

Be part of the change, and start listening to your subscriber’s needs. We help you generate more revenue and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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