Monetizing A2P SMS

Just like every generation strives with a new breakthrough technology, SMS was just that in the 90’s.
According to a study by Nokia, after the year 2000 the marketing industry realized:

“that people who were able to receive SMS in person-to-person messaging could also receive marketing based messages.”

A2P messaging– application-to-person – was born then and with it new ways to monetize it.

A2P SMS messaging is also called enterprise SMS and is used in our daily life under many forms such as:

  • Payment confirmation
  • One Time Password SMS
  • Incident reporting
  • Status update
  • Bank account mini-statements
  • Critical service alerts
  • Suspected fraud notification
  • Balance enquiries
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Travel booking confirmation and associated service update

With industry analysts expecting A2P market to grow further, Operators are on the constant lookout to ensure they capture their opportunities and effectively monetize A2P messaging.

Protecting their networks from threats and fraud has now become a must! As a result with no filter and a proper advanced firewall and gateway controlling the flows, they cannot control the traffic. Thus A2P SMS traffic will find the cheapest way into their networks causing leakages and loss of revenues.

How Can Operators fully benefit from A2P SMS?

  • A2P Streamlines Appointments: Business owners use A2P SMS to send out appointment reminders to patients, customers, and clients in seconds. People receive information about forthcoming appointments in a speedy timeframe without any of the fuss.
  • A2P Is More Effective Than Email: For years, companies have used email to send important messages to their customers. The problem is, emails have a notoriously low open rate, and most messages end up in the Trash folder. SMS messages are completely different. In fact, research shows that texts have a 98% open rate (compared to around a 20% open rate for email).
  • A2P Delivers Messages Fast: Another benefit of A2P marketing is the speed that marketers can deliver important messages to clients and customers.
    Research shows that a huge 90 percent of people read text messages in the first three minutes of receipt. Emails, on the other hand, linger in inboxes for much longer. Regular mail takes even longer to reach people.
  • A2P Is Economic: Marketing a business can be expensive. Investing in A2P, however, will provide brands with a return on their investment. Not only will they save on mail costs, but they won’t have to deal with postal delays and letters going missing.

But A2P faces challenges especially when it comes to the different forms of spam and fraud

Fraud persists because of a lack of awareness, a lack of inclination or a lack of ability to make any meaningful change to the status quo. And without taking any actions to stop them, the whole messaging industry is put at risk, whether you find yourself directly affected by fraud or not.

There are several different types of fraud mostly:

  • Spam: this can be the result of overzealous marketers knowingly sending promotional messages to bought or farmed lists of telephone numbers in an attempt to increase sales. Or the failure by a brand or enterprise to properly manage consumer data correctly.
  • SMS Originator Spoofing: the sending party’s true identity is hidden to trick a consumer into thinking that a message is from someone familiar.
  • SMiShing (SMS Phishing): by combining SPAM, SMS Originator Spoofing and social engineering techniques, the sending party attempts to gain access to online systems, accounts or data such as credit card information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity, for example, a mobile subscriber’s bank.
  • SMS Malware: the sending party attempts to gain access to a mobile subscriber’s operating system and sensitive information like banking passwords through the installation of malicious software on a device without the mobile subscriber’s knowledge.
  • Grey Routes: the absence of a commercial agreement is deliberately exploited as a way to avoid paying for message termination with A2P messages.

How can Monty Mobile help you monetize your A2P SMS?

Monty Mobile provides you with a complete solution that can help fight these types of frauds affecting your messaging system. Instead of investing millions of dollars to analyze traffic and fight fraud, our Smartwall offers a set of intelligent tools to build up a firewall aiming towards blocking SMS Fraud and Spam, securing your network, keeping your subscribers satisfied, and increasing your revenues

Monty Mobile gives you control over your network.
We are on a mission to secure the SMS business, develop and grow coverage by preserving the quality of your services.