How COVID-19 has set a foundation for the rise in smartphone app usage

An interesting shift we have witnessed is the rise in smartphone app usage. Indeed, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic might have appeared predictable in its earliest phase. However, it became much harder to contain and more surprising as it spread wider across the globe. From keeping populations indoors to halting businesses and everyday activity, there has been a significant effect on almost everything.

Mobile Applications

Many kept at home to ensure that the viral spread is contained. During this period many found solace in the apps on their smartphones. This helped with the need to connect with friends and family, to interact with clients and customers, and to perform urgent transactions. This was the foundation for the rise in app usage for productivity and leisure-focused platforms. And this was especially the case for those used for collaboration and video conferencing.

According to a report from App Annie, business app usage in the second quarter of 2020 saw a sharp 220% rise from the fourth quarter of 2019. Personal finance apps saw significant usage gains with contactless payments becoming more popular during the pandemic. Education app usage also boomed, with many students turning to homeschool and online lessons.

Monty Mobile Apps

Telehealth was not left behind, while entertainment fanatics made full use of Netflix and the likes. Video game downloads grew significantly in the period, with those at home seeking refuge in gaming to soothe the situation. Our game portal, Yoppi, is a perfect example of this rise. Having seen a rise in usage as a result and allowing users to access hundreds of games from one portal! 

And with kids also kept at largely home by the pandemic, the question of their safety while using these apps and the internet at large has always been posed. We have a parental control app, Safe Surf, which has played a tremendous role in addressing this. The app keeps track of the child’s usage patterns, alerts you of unwanted acts, and allows for control on how your child is using your devices.

The times now demand even better customer service, as well. For a service provider seeking to empower your customer engagement and effectively reduce customer care costs, we got you covered! Our Self-Care app enables telecom operators to deliver tailored offers and a full range of customer care services. It, without a doubt, allows for a faster lead to cash and minimizes the operational and support costs.

Also, without surprise, social apps have reported increased usage and engagement.  Of course, with most of the users kept in their homes for most of the second and third quarters of 2020, they could have sought all the available means to stay in touch and connected with the outside world.

Speaking of social, Monty Mobile offers S&S (Skills & Services), a social freelance app, that allows users to identify and lookup for unknown numbers and find people, skills, and specialists in just one click.

The future of Apps

This rise is an opportunity for platforms and marketers to connect with audiences. With more people spending more time in apps, it is an excellent opportunity to boost brand awareness and reach people looking for information and products online.

Notable was also the fall in downloads and usage of the real estate, travel, and hospitality apps. This is credited to the limited mobility and travel constraints that came with the pandemic. However, as business gets back to usual and populations are moving about, these sunk apps are likely to resurface back in the near future.

The coronavirus will take a while to be out of memory. The one thing that software and app developers can give testimony about is the sharp rise in smartphone app usage since the outbreak. What is your take on this? Please share your feedback with us.