How Can SMS Boost Your Business?

Everyone’s basic aim is to make money! But it is not as simple. In other terms, generating revenue and achieving targets is hard work. Making better profits and margins is even harder when it is an SME you own or work for. Indeed, SME’s are fighting for their right to exist competing against well-established conglomerates and corporates.

So, how can these SME’s compete against the big guns? How can they target their customers and expand their sales outreach to achieve their targets?

In marketing, Return on Investment or ROI is not a direct math formula and it holds many grey areas. Reaching the customers, especially when it is a consumer market audience, is a hassle and can be a drain of money. Social media, email campaigns, door to door marketing/sales, one-to-one messaging (Through different channels), among other media can help make things easier; however, the impact of the medium, campaign, or effort cannot be quantified for all. Whatever your metrics are, it is not easy to calculate the direct impact of your investment.

RCS (Rich Communication Service) is also coming up the way! Well, maybe to be introduced commercially across a sizable footprint in the coming 5 years. It is said to be an upgrade of the SMS. Both ways, SMS will still be a first choice same as it stood its grounds with the introduction of social media. It will complement the cycle and fill the gaps SMS did not cover.

One of the most direct, oldest, and secure one-to-one media is SMS. It still has the highest success impact and is economic compared to other media.

Think about it!

Is it the easy access? Or is it the universality of SMS?
It’s true that social messaging is conquering the planet and the new applications seem to be easier for chatting; however they can never fully replace the SMS business! At least, not yet!

SME’s use it as one of their preferred channels despite the boom of social media. Its effectiveness and low cost make it an appealing option to these companies. .

If you have recently come to think people don’t want you to text them, that’s another misconception! SMS is a better and more effective way to break through the noise and clutter of emails and application notifications. SMS marketing provides any size of business with a large number of possibilities to position a company better.

So we at Monty Mobile dismiss all myths concerning SMS messaging and we believe in the power of SMS Marketing and especially when it comes to Bulk SMS.

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