Gaming portals are platforms with various categories and games that could be found and played anytime and anywhere. Gaming has always been an essential part of the entertainment world ever since the introduction of the World Wide Web.

According to a report by Reuters, gaming is bigger than it ever was, bigger than every other form of entertainment. In 2018, the gaming industry produced an estimated revenue of $116 billion, beating TV and TV streaming services’ $105 billion. The gaming industry is still growing with a 10.7 percent growth over 2017, as opposed to other entertainment services.

The game industry shows no signs of stopping. Indeed, it seems since the end of the gaming crash in 1985, game developers have had an insatiable hunger to produce consoles and games.

The evolution of gaming portals

A gaming portal is where users can access a platform where hundreds and thousands of games could be accessed and played. So a user could enter the platform, choose between numerous and various categories and simply choose a game to play.

Gaming portals only existed in early gaming consoles like the previously stated Gameboy. Later on, many gaming consoles came into existence like the PlayStation, the Xbox and the GameCube. They dominated the gaming market because simply the new consoles had more advanced games with better quality.

As a result, gaming portals found a new market that exists online.

What are the challenges with gaming portals?

Many millennials grew up playing games on websites such as Miniclip and Y8. These portals were low quality and ads were bombarded to users. This made other competitors emerge and grow rapidly. The App Store and Google play presented a threat to online gaming portals; games were advanced with better quality, users could download them for free and ads could be removed with a small payment.

The future of gaming with Monty mobile

Monty Mobile’s new concept of Gaming Portal is challenging the market.
The Yoppi game portal, created by Monty Mobile and its partners, is a gaming platform where users subscribe to enjoy unlimited premium and popular games.

So what’s new about it you may ask?

Well, for a small fee paid, users could enjoy all of these premium and popular games for free with full versions and no ads and no interruptions.

The telecom industry is the survival of the fittest, no player in the industry can stay in place. The global telecoms sector is a vibrant industry that is always evolving due to the new technologies which continue to penetrate the market.
And the Video gaming industry, which in 2020 made a staggering US$129 billion-a-year is a golden Opportunity for Operators which implies that it is presently game on for telecom operators!
Gaming can enhance their business by utilizing their current abilities. This is an especially alluring recommendation for administrators in the GCC area, where the greater part the population is under 25 years old.

Operators could have their own branded App/Game store and diversify their array of products and services, not to forget that it is fully managed.; which is a benefit for mobile operators.

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