FUTURise your salesforce

Organizations have always recognized the pivotal role of sales teams in the growth, reputation, and generated revenues of their businesses. After all, they are the link between the customer and the products and services offered by the company. The basic role of every sales department in following their own defined set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is to reach the target and exceed it, get new leads, and maintain the customer’s lifetime value.
But would this basic role be the same in the near future, with the fast and vast technological advancements?

This role must, and has already started to change and take a new leap.
A new sales era is rising. Sales teams will not be able to keep up unless they revolutionize their methods and embrace Intelligent Technologies introduced by their companies.


Artificial Intelligence has already started playing a crucial role in the growth of every business. Companies are investing heavily in technology and are willing to replace jobs that require little natural-born intelligence with automated machines. The work will be
done faster, and at less cost.
According to a recent survey done by McKinsey:
“Each year, 25% of companies are integrating AI technologies in their businesses.”

The data collected shows that 63% of those businesses confirm that their revenues have increased by 10% by adopting AI in marketing, while sales use cases, and the cost has decreased, mainly in manufacturing and supply-chain management.
It is the time to start grasping the fact that AI will soon be integrated in every occupation.
Accordingly, employees should be ready to climb the technological ladder. Companies also on the other hand, should be willing to hold and extend this ladder for their employees.

How will AI help within the salesforce?

With its fast and enormous collection of datasets, and advanced methods in filtering data Machine Learning can simply analyse any product, service and any customer. When members of the salesforce can utilise the information provided, the concept of a “Humachine” emerges. The same way that e-commerce took over with a well enriched and intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that introduces predictive analytics.

We can introduce sentiment analysis to further quantify this information. Indeed, this can be done through studying the language of clients on a certain product or service, and identifying their opinions by evaluating their emotional reaction on social media for example. This approximate feedback can circulate back to evaluate the marketing campaign launched by the company. Thus, information can be scaled to enable a smart integration of wide sets of databases joining different corporate forces from sales, to marketing and R&D’s.

Moreover, margins will be optimized faster by the automatic enhancement of prices according to the client’s expectations that would result in the biggest revenue growth. Deals will be closed successfully and new leads will be discovered. This deep learning algorithms will help determine patterns in customer’s needs beforehand, based on past experiences and preferences, which will help the company stay ahead.

Get your Sales Team ready!

If AI does not replace the employees, it will surely replace and transform their tasks. In addition, organizations will need to re-evaluate their employee’s career development strategies, and modify their business processes to become more hybrid and include teams of both Humans and AI Systems.

The A to Z job of salesforce will have to change, and a big transition must happen.

Monty Mobile M-Analytics platform is one of the major factors that could transform your way of work. It offers a wealth of information related to customer behavior and preferences. The platform presents an advanced filtering and data processing tool enabling the right data analysis to advance the business. The futurized salesforce will have a major role in data analytics, focusing on strategies that includes innovative ideas and setting goals.

Embrace the change and redirect it to your benefit, it will help you FUTURise your career.