FREE 6-Month eSIM Trial to All Mobile Operators

Monty Mobile has officially launched its own eSIM platform. This will enable mobile operators to provide their subscribers with a more convenient and simpler device setup. It also provides them with a fully automated eSIM provisioning and the ability to have a range of new, enhanced mobile-connected devices.

Monty Mobile also offers all mobile operators a FREE 6-month trial of our eSIM platform. No set up or any monthly or hidden fees for their subscriber base. Monty Mobile will bear the cost of hardware and software.

eSIM – a game in the mobile telecommunications ecosystem

With Apple, Google and Samsung adopting eSIM on a consumer level during 2019, and now heading towards a much broader ecosystem, device manufacturers and operating systems’ leaders will continue to push for eSIM technology in 2020. This will force mobile operators to wake up and act.

Moreover, ABI Research predicts that there will be around 420 million eSIM-equipped devices available by 2022. Another study done by ROCCO states that in a matter of 3-5 years, it is unlikely that devices with SIM Cards will be common in the market. This all means that MNOs, inevitably, will have to engage with and support eSIM.

Consequently, it is no longer a matter of whether eSIM catches on, but rather a question of when and who is best placed to take advantage of it! As connectivity is key, the MNOs’ role in the eSIM ecosystem continues to be significant. The eSIM also opens access to data about consumer habits. This in turn provides valuable insight for MNOs to create newer products and services, increasing their business potential.

Benefit now from our FREE 6-Month eSIM Trial, and get the opportunity to test your market with no setup or any monthly fees! After the 6-month trial period, the operator is free to proceed with signing a deal with us or not. No obligations!

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