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While many may not realize it, Fintech (Financial Technology) Solutions were already making their way into our everyday lives with various Online Shopping and Mobile Applications that allowed direct online payments such as Uber, Apple Pay, and many others.

2020 has been the year of immense changes and turmoil. And while Covid-19 affected humanity in more ways than we can begin to name, it definitely helped the world move at a faster pace towards more digital financial solutions.

Fintech Solutions

Fintech is not a new industry; it’s just one that has evolved very quickly.
With Fintech Solutions making their way into digitalizing the world of finances, banks, and payments, as we know it, thrived during the pandemic!

Top Fintech Solutions and many Fintech companies have evolved during the past year into providing the needed online payment solutions to clients worldwide.
In fact, businesses rely upon Fintech for payments processing, e-commerce transactions, accounting, and more recently, seeking assistance with government assistance programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This encouraged more and more businesses to turn into Fintech solutions to enable features such as contactless payments or other tech-fueled transactions.

Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card

Although online payments were once allowed only for existing bank accounts, this has all changed thanks to new Fintech solutions!
Monty Mobile introduces MVCC (Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Card) – working hand in hand with mobile operators, allowing them to access the Fintech world.

With this Virtual Credit Card, Monty Mobile offers digital banking services to both banked and unbanked subscribers, allowing them to complete their purchases with no disruption to existing merchant infrastructures while incentivizing all stakeholders.

While not everyone might have access to bank accounts, almost all have access to phones and Mobile Operators in one way or the other. This solution works closely with the Operators allowing their subscribers to benefit from all the features of a virtual credit card connected directly to the Operator.

Benefits and Security

Every client is important to us! Therefore, we ensure a top-rated secure service, to offer an individual approach, maximum flexibility, and outstanding protection for your money.

In order to issue a virtual payment card, we undergo rigorous internal and third-party audits. In addition, many virtual card providers are held to the same rigorous requirements as your bank or credit union.

Virtual cards enable a more strategic approach than B2B payments made with paper checks. The traditional method requires several days to print, pack, stamp, and mail the payment to vendors. Virtual card payments can be executed immediately. 

Are you ready to step into the world of Mobile Payment?

Demand for fintech has perhaps never been higher: Businesses and banks are increasingly relying on financial technology to help them navigate their financial livelihoods.

Deloitte predicts that an economic recovery will go hand in hand with new opportunities for fintechs. This may be particularly true in a business environment that’s become instantly more amenable to digital financial services and e-commerce out of sheer necessity.

From security to cost savings and employee engagement, any sized organization should look into how virtual card payments can modernize B2B transactions.

The technology is here to stay, and it’s time for Operators to digitalize their services and step into the world of Fintech with Monty Mobile Virtual Credit Cards!

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