China amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus

While China is achieving amazing progress in the fight against coronavirus, the rest of the world is only still gearing up for it. From AI to robotics to the latest technologies, many mediums have been used in this new global fight.

Currently, Europe has been hit the most. Hospitals are still bracing for a potential influx of infected coronavirus patients in the weeks to come. With over 100.000 cases until this moment, hospitals are running out of medical equipment and staff is running weary.

However, China is teaching the world a lesson today, as technology is limiting the outbreak.

Face recognition technology and Big Data were the first line of defense against coronavirus in China. With smart digital cameras installed everywhere with infrared temperature testing, all people could be verified for unusual temperatures.
Chinese AI companies like SenseTime and Hanwang Technology even came up with a facial recognition technology that can accurately recognize people even if they are masked.

Mobile Phone apps as well, are used to keep tab on people’s movements. With a developed color-coded health rating system, the government is tracking millions of people daily. The smartphone app was first deployed in Hangzhou with collaboration from Alibaba. It assigns three colors to people — green, yellow or red — on the basis of their travel and medical histories. Green color is assigned to those coming from safe zones.Red and yellow colors must be tested.

Mobile Operators have also joined in on the fight. China Mobile has been actively sending SMS to state media agencies, informing them about the people who have been infected. The messages included all the details about the persons travel history as well as CCTV cameras installed at most locations ensuring the well functioning of the quarantine. SMS is also used for constant reminders about safety guidelines and quarantine rules.

Robotics, a big trend in China, is indeed a huge help especially to the millions of people quarantined. Robots are the main tool for groceries and food deliveries in addition to constantly spraying disinfectants and cleaning products around streets and buildings. In many hospitals, robots are also performing diagnosis and conducting thermal imaging helping medical staff stay safe.

In heavily affected areas, such as the Hubei province even drones have been deployed.
The government was able to scan health information of random people through Drones with QR codes placards. Others such as agricultural drones are spraying disinfectants in the countryside. Drones powered with facial recognition also broadcasted warnings to the citizens to not step out of their homes and chide them for not wearing facemasks.

Technology will also be the answer in coming up with the vaccine.

Google’s DeepMind division is using its AI algorithms and its computing power to understand the proteins making up the virus. These findings are published so that others can help in finding treatments. Researchers are actively using the cloud computing resources and supercomputers of several major tech companies such as Tencent, DiDi, and Huawei to fast-track the development of a cure or vaccine for the virus. The speed these systems can run calculations and model solutions is much faster than standard computer processing.

In a global pandemic such as Coronavirus, COVID-19, technology, artificial intelligence, and data analytics have become critical to help societies effectively deal with the outbreak. And these technologies will eventually be the main active resource in winning the fight against the virus.