Can Artificial Intelligence surpass Human Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term that we are hearing more often in current days.
By theory, it is a simulation of real work to produce machines that react like humans. They have automated behavior based on a learning curve for gaining of information and rules to accomplish needed tasks accordingly. With many recent predictions perceiving that AI would overall surpass human intelligence in the next century, all tech companies for all sectors have introduced it into their systems.

How is Artificial Intelligence being utilized?

Google pretends that its AI can predict when people will die with 95% accuracy. It is based on user’s medical record analysis of hospital patients. The algorithm can quickly access a patient’s medical records for important data, which could indicate the likelihood of their survival.

In addition, Google services such as its image search and translation tools use sophisticated machine learning which allow computers to see, listen and speak in much the same way as human do.

Facebook also uses AI to predict mental state from posts; after the rise of live streaming of suicides, Facebook started to scan all posts and flag ones with suicide risk. Human moderators evaluate these posts and support with the needed help. In 2017, Police stations from Massachusetts to Mumbai have received similar alerts from Facebook as part of what is most likely the world’s largest suicide threat screening and alert program. The social network ramped up the effort after several people live-streamed their suicides on Facebook. It now utilizes both algorithms and user reports to flag possible suicide threats.

Challenges of AI

But, AI can fail! In New Zealand, and during the incident of mosque shooting March 2019, Facebook AI failed to detect the video violence and stop it before it was viewed over 4,000 times. Facebook bragged how good its artificial systems were at identifying the difference between pictures of broccoli and pictures of marijuana, yet they failed to stop a video containing weaponry, violence, and massacre in real time. After the shooting incident Facebook said it has taken steps to enhance its detection process for live videos.

To err is human, but what if machine did a mistake? Who will tell and how to evaluate its impact?
We can never reach a state through which machine learn from its own mistakes without the aid of humans. Technology can never be stopped and developing intelligent machines can be of great positive swift. But this needs human experience and intervention to audit machine’s performance and enhance it as needed.

Our experts at Monty Mobile, have been developing our AI keeping in mind that this tool of intelligence can never replace the human touch. We aim to put our gained human experience in the telecom field at the service of Artificial Intelligence in order to benefit Mobile Operators by enriching and enhancing their systems. With human monitoring available over AI, significant results can be demonstrated for artificial intelligence performance.