Call Completion: Keep Subscribers Connected

One of the many sources of untapped revenues by Operators remain unconnected calls.
In fact, about 30% of mobile-terminated calls are not connected because either the calling party has insufficient balance, the called party is unavailable (out of coverage or switched-off), or simply does not answer the phone.   This is why Monty Mobile has created a Call Completion Suite, giving Operators the chance to gain back this lost revenue and to potentially increase the rate of connected calls all while providing the callers and subscribers with user friendly services.

The Suite is composed out of 4 main services:

Call Me Back: This service allows subscribers to make calls even when out of credit balance. A missed Call is placed on the intended calling number notifying him of the callers attempts to reach him.
With this service Operators will be able to drive more revenues from people calling back and completing that intended call. 

Back To Coverage: This service allows any caller to place a missed call to the called party whenever he is out of reach (unreachable, out of coverage,…).  In this case, an SMS will be sent to the called party informing him that a missed call will be placed to the caller whenever he is connected again. Upon Operator’s request, the missed call can be replaced by an SMS.
This service will  enable mobile operators to never miss a call attempt by reconnecting people together

Collect Call: With this service, mobile subscribers can request that other subscribers accept calls at their own expense. Once the recipient approves, the call is connected and the recipient is charged for the call (reverse charging); This drives additional revenues to mobile operators by boosting the number of successful and completed calls. 

Split Call: This service allows mobile subscribers to request other subscribers to split the call expenses between them. The recipient receives an audio notification that the caller is requesting him/her to split the call charges; Once the recipient approves, the call is connected and the recipient is charged for a percentage of expenses of the call;

Better Connections, satisfied customers

Call Completion services improves the end-user experience, making sure that all calls reach their intended destinations. Convert every call into an opportunity and never miss out on revenue because of unconnected calls again.

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