Business Intelligence: The Game Changer for Telecom Industry

In today’s business world, organizations are becoming more conscious about the advantages of business intelligence data and information aggressively pouring to their databases. Integrating these large volumes of data and utilizing them in their daily work and decision making has become an essential process. This indeed helps with increasing profit and staying ahead of the competition.

Telecommunication companies, peculiarly, are operating in highly competitive and challenging environments. Thus Data Mining and Business Intelligence is playing a significant role due to the availability of large volume of data and the rigorous competition in this sector.

What is Business Intelligence Tool?

Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide historical, current, and predictive views for the future of business operations. Business Intelligence most often utilizes data that has been gathered into a data warehouse or a data mart. This tool supports reporting, interactive visualizations, and statistical data mining.

Business intelligence techniques are finding their applicability in various fields. Such as government, financial services, retail, telecommunication industry and many other sources of business data for purposes that include business performance management.

BI can help you understand What happened? When it happened? Who will it affect? Why it happened?

In other words, BI tools puts the pedal to the metal whenever given the row data.

How Can Telecom Operators Hit the Nail on the Head by Using BI Tools?

In the telecom industry, Business Intelligence tools monitor, analyze and provide key performance indicators (KPIs) on sales by product. This helps detect significant events, discover new business scenarios and predict business situations in addition to monitoring roaming business performance.

The workflow in telecommunication industry is in real time, where no delays or misunderstandings are allowed. If these errors occur, they will cause diminishing numbers of customers, complaints and a negative impact on the business process. BI tools where designed in the first place to fasten the processing of data and decrease number of human errors.

Nevertheless, telecommunications companies can quickly build productive analytical tools, that aid them in day-to-day operations with BI. This in addition to keeping track of and achieve long term goals and objectives. These tools are capable of building instant reports anytime needed!

How is Monty Mobile Keeping a Finger On the Pulse?

Roaming In Dimensions | RID |: Is a very powerful BI software-based solution that deals mainly with roaming data in all of its forms.

During a Roaming department meeting at Monty Mobile, RID solution was presented to General Manager Mr. Hassan Mansour. Seeing the first slide, he quickly reacted in fervor and said, “A portion of these bits of knowledge took me years to reveal after rehashed experimentation and many reports!”.

Our aim is to get RID of manual work, centralize Roaming Business Management, combine all data sources, customize data visualization, get instant insights, and most importantly having a 360-degree view of all roaming data; All that is done just in 3 seconds!


It’s a revolution. We are fortunate to live in a time when interactive and animated graphs are becoming commonplace. The ability to manipulate color, size, location, and motion to discover and display important features of data in a way that scrubs away layers of confusion and contradictions.

Actually, about 80% of the information we take in, is by eye, we’re all visualizers; we’re all demanding a visual aspect to our information… Data that seems impenetrable can come alive if presented well and Magic happens when interesting data meets effective design.

This is exactly what RID is targeting where There is no area that is going to be untouched. The key is to present data in a way that is visually appealing while allowing the data to speak for itself.