Bridging the communications gap between enterprises and Gen Z / Millennials

Queues? Where we’re going, we don’t need queues. Or do we? 80% of Gen Z-ers still enjoy shopping in-store, but turn to e-commerce when it’s more convenient. Brick and mortar stores still have a lot to offer with regards to experience that e-commerce can’t.

Fine or faux?

For one, there’s first-hand quality assurance. There’s nothing that can replace that premium feel of a cashmere sweater against your skin to edge you ever so closer to a purchase. Or weighing that new gadget you’ve been eyeing since Black Friday in your hand to estimate build quality.

Another option is to try something on for size, especially when it comes to clothes, or rather footwear. How many times did it happen that you order something online and then when it’s finally delivered to your doorstep it’s not the right fit? Or the sound quality of those high-end headphones just doesn’t hit that mark you were expecting?

What about shipping cost? All these items factor in 53% of Gen Z-ers being willing to drive 30 minutes to a store for a pickup, to save on delivery fees.

Hey, while they’re there, go ahead and text them an in-store redeemable discount code.

Why? Because Y!

What about millennials, you ask? Well, they’re not that different. For the exact same reasons as above, they browse in-store, then purchase online. 41% of millennials shop in store at least once a week, and 56% of all surveyed millennials make a purchase online at least half of the time after visiting a store.

Millennials shop to feel good. A whopping 60% of them purchase goods with which they can express their personality. In fact they don’t need brands to win them over, so to speak, they want brands to woo them, flirt with them, offer new experiences (even as opposed to physical items, in some cases).

In addition they like to share their opinions and insights on social media, and for that reason they’re likely to trust peer-generated endorsements.

2-way SMS surveys are your friend here. Have them review their buying experience right then and there!

Think buyer-centric!

Besides convenient, a brand’s offering needs to be highly relevant to their buyer’s needs and preferences. And that holds true for both Gen Z and Millennials. You can increase that relevance by using data collected from the abovementioned surveys.

They love to be serenaded for their loyalty. Over 95% of millennials like to be actively courted over email or even post (with about half of them preferring text messages), and 52% of Gen Z-ers will switch loyalty from one brand to another if the quality is not up to par.

Coupons? You can forget them cashing in on printed vouchers, just as easily as they’ll forget them at home.

Besides, an SMS-based coupon code saves on paper and, in turn, rainforests!

Think holistic!

It’s also about a seamless, integrated experience. 68% of millennials want to be able to smoothly transition from smartphone to PC to the physical store in their search for preferred products and services. 60-62% of Gen Z-ers won’t use websites that are difficult to navigate or are slow to load.

Bottom line, it’s about striking that fine balance between ‘real’ and online life. Between what is at their fingertips and a 30-minute drive away. Between paying a bit extra for shipping and standing in a queue.

In all cases, 100% of them can be reached by a humble SMS. Find out how Monty Mobile’s Enterprise services can help you do exactly that in the most effective manner, right here.