BIG DATA ANALYTICS: The Pivot of Mobile Advertising

Most of us agree that traditional digital advertising is interruptive. In addition, it is a one-directional advertising that does not allow for user engagement. In contrast, mobile advertising is a more personal approach that involves user engagement, and this drastically grabs the attention of advertisers who depend radically on such engagement to enhance their brand.

How has advertising changed?

Data is the real differentiator between old forms of advertising and modern ones. There is a lot more liability in advertising nowadays, and we are witnessing how mobile and desktop advertising budgets are taking over TV ad spends.
In fact, even within the digital advertising ecosystem itself, mobile advertising is more widespread than most other forms of advertising. Squeezed into a small screen, mobile ads are more visible and achieve more conversions than desktop ads! This makes mobile a rewarding area for marketers to look into.

We are Data at heart!

In today’s algorithmic world, each one of us has a digital footprint recording his digital behavior. This allows marketers to better understand their audience and run targeted advertising.
For data to be valuable, it needs to be gathered and stored wisely and analyzed efficiently to meet marketing goals. Otherwise this data won’t add up to anything worthwhile. This is where Data Analytics comes into play!
A powerful Data Analytics tool helps a business break down its audience into different segments. An ad delivered to the right segment is more likely to convert into a purchase, which makes marketers happy spending their ad dollars in the right place.

Can mobile operators be part of this billion-dollar mobile advertising market?

Of course! Actually they should. Monty Mobile has developed a Data Analytics Platform using a business model that not only makes mobile advertising more accountable and more transparent, but also allows mobile operators to be part of this booming market and grab their share of this revenue pie.

With mobile operators having the richest customer data pools than any other business, one of the greatest benefits of using Monty Mobile Data Analytics platform is the optimal exposure, where advertisers can be confident that every ad is reaching the right audience. Another important benefit is customer satisfaction, where advertisers can provide their target audience with something they really like and can engage with.

So, there is no more doubt that Big Data is the new oil!

For any type of business, mobile advertising combined with big data analytics is now the pivot of any digital strategy. Data science allows a business to discover audience insight and put into an automated decision making engine to build personalized ad campaigns. This real-time approach supports mobile advertising economics to grow a lot and offer a lot more opportunities for marketers to sell.

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