Big Data: A Game Changer for Telecom!

Big Data’s impact on almost every aspect of life has become undeniable.

Some may ask, What exactly is Big Data?

Big data is a term that describes the large volume of data and raw information obtained from several sources such as social media, applications, online forms and many others.

However, the amount of data is not as important as how it’s turned into insights and then into actionable strategies. Analysis of such information allows businesses to have better customer targeting and foster more tactical decision-making.

Telecom companies are also taking advantage of predictive analytics; In fact, the telecom industry is basically the backbone of the world’s biggest and newest communication technology. Thanks to its networks and evolution mobile phones may be the biggest contributors to Big Data!

How are Telecom Operators benefiting from Big Data?

The telecom industry is currently in a highly intricate environment of decreasing margins and congested networks; an environment where it is as hard to survive as ever. Thanks to Big Data, Operators have an edge over their competitors with the various ways it can be utilized.

Indeed, Telco’s are using this gathered and analyzed data for better business decision making. A number of Telecommunication Service Providers has been opting multiple techniques to enhance its hidden insights such as:

  • Opening up new business ventures
    Operators can use Big Data analytics to better understand their customer behavior and thereby initiate customized business offers that target certain segments.
    They can launch new products and services directed to the needs of these customer segments or even opt for up-selling plans and offers.
  • Optimizing the business
    Big data analytics provide operators business optimization capabilities, which help them to increase revenue through more-targeted marketing activities and to reduce costs by identifying expense and revenue leakages.
    For instance, they can analyze effectiveness of their marketing investments and optimize their marketing spends across channels to drive profitability.
  • Increasing service quality
    Big Data Analytics are also a way to enhance the quality of service thanks to Real Time CDR Analysis; It allows Operators to locate and improve the service quality gaps.
  • Enhancing security
    Telecom companies use big data analytics to identify and investigate anomalous and fraudulent activities simultaneously, which can be easily bypassed by humans.

Thanks to advanced algorithms and analytics techniques, Telcos can easily monitor, analyze and improve a massive amount of data. The full advantages obtained from Big Data are yet to be explored. It is already changing the fundamental way Operators manage their businesses in: improving their network performance and customer targeting and customizing their services and products.

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