B-Pal: One Platform for Complete SMS Management!

Looking for a full and complete SMS Management platform?

Managing communications is difficult for any business regardless of size or industry. However, it has been proven that a combination of advanced networking technology and the most engaging communications channel (SMS) is still the safest way of communication and verification.

With its unified and comprehensive management platform for SMS Interconnection Services, B-pal is a time saver and ensures efficiency along the business process!

What does B-Pal do exactly?

B-Pal is a multifunctional platform for comprehensive SMS traffic management. It equips telecom carriers, service providers and aggregators with an advanced set of modules to control and monitor the routed SMS traffic – whether transactional or promotional. The main key features of B-Pal that support SMS hubs are:

  • Advanced dynamic routing rules
  • Automated invoicing
  • Automated rate management
  • SMS Firewall
  • Tier pricing management
  • MNP service providers connection & routing integration
  • Multiple currencies
  • Advanced Billing module
  • Two-way hubbing and messaging
  • Multiple companies support
  • Integration with third party systems

Why Choose B-Pal?

The flexibility, accuracy and safety of B-Pal can give your SMS business a boost. B-Pal “superpowers” can automate your operations and help monitor your SMS traffic. The major aim is safety and security of the users who are onboard with the platform. This aim is achieved successfully on the platform along with add-ons features:

  • SMS Business Management Automation
  • B-Pal Portal that allows users to integrate or handle their SMS campaigns, sending alerts & notification
  • SMS Reseller that allows SMS hubs to provide a white-labelled portal for local and international resellers.
  • Advanced security layer

Extend your reach by engaging and interacting with consumers via B-Pal. This powerful messaging management platform includes unparalleled reach, quality, scalability, and local expertise. You can easily support your SMS Business needs and accelerate time to market.

Start Monetizing your Traffic Today! 

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