AI: The 2021 Revolution of the Future

Although it has raided our world for many years, AI or artificial intelligence has been a crucial solution for many issues that haunted us in 2020.  Some might consider AI as a human challenge while others will adopt it dependently.

Is technological evolution a synonym to artificial intelligence? Can a human creation ever replace humans?

AI will be a huge hit in 2021! This is thanks to the artificial software that will enable companies to process and analyze large data sets and increase productivity, thus, increase profit. It will support predictive maintenance, network maintenance, client support, security and it will improve the digital revolution as well. As the world has all gone digital in the year 2020, there are no more limits to what AI tools can help businesses achieve.

Every organization’s goal relies on customer satisfaction. AI will no doubt play a crucial role in enhancing self-optimizing networks to increase customer satisfaction while detecting algorithms and predicting network anomalies.

AI within Monty Mobile?

In a fast-changing world relying basically on technologies, the future of any company is strictly linked to its fast tracking to this digital world. Within Monty Mobile, AI is playing a key role in managing our huge data to increase efficiency and effectiveness towards quality decisions.

In our increasingly growing family, employees and customer service’s satisfaction are vital factor to our continuity. Our professional team is growing on both technological and interpersonal levels; AI is facilitating for us the road of understanding better our customers and offer them non-stop recommendations and assistance.

Moreover, since AI predicts the problem before it even starts, it will help us predict when and where future outbreaks will take place. It will lead us to spot and react to the danger of viral outbreaks.


External data monetization is a must-have for telcos in this digital age and we at Monty Mobile have developed just the right platform for it. Telcos have access to a surplus of information related to customers’ behavior, preferences, movements and more. Yet, they struggle to derive the greatest value from this huge amount of data, because they face multiple dilemmas around finding the right platform for processing the data they have, in compliance with privacy-related regulatory requirements.

Monty Mobile’s M-Analytics is a data segmentation platform that allows telcos to make use of their wide sets of data to gain the deepest insights into customers’ behavior and usage, and to make fact-based decisions. M-Analytics grants telcos a data monetization opportunity, on a case-by-case basis, that helps them survive in the emerging competitive landscape.

With M-Analytics, telcos are able to go beyond connectivity! They are able to collect, manage and analyze data to enhance the end-user experience and increase revenues.

In 2021, our aim will go way beyond tracing short-term technologies. AI will allow us to focus on customer self-service tools, forecast improvement and anomaly detection in sales and service delivery. Steps to measure risks and avoid future shortages and glitches must be a decision to take now or never!