According to Juniper Research, 3.5 trillion business A2P SMS (Application-to-Person) messages will be delivered by 2023. 
So Operators, it’s time to ask yourself: How much money did you lose on A2P SMS Traffic today?
Do you know that this could be one of your main sources of Revenue?
If yes, then now is the time to act!

Why do Operators Struggle with A2P SMS Monetization?

SMS fraud remains a big industry because, even to this day, many Mobile Operators do not have the right measures in place to stop illegitimate A2P spam. Termination of A2P traffic over unapproved (grey) routes is zapping profits, even though the solutions are very simple. MNOs generally estimate A2P revenue leakage to be about 10% of their A2P revenues – in reality most cases show higher losses. This incorrect perception is partly due to the lack of visibility MNOs have regarding their traffic. 

One of the reasons could be Cost Bypass, a common expression in the mobile industry. In a cost bypass situation, the creditor is not able to have his share of the amount paid. This happens for example when the message routing information is manipulated so that the party in credit cannot perform billing. It can also occur when a fraudulent entity uses free SMS retail bundles to send bulk enterprise messages (SIM Farms).  
There are many fraud systems involved but all of them result in the same thing: the MNO not receiving the payment for that SMS.

Monty Mobile Full A2P SMS Monetization Tool

Easily addressed, Operators need to deploy an advanced SMS firewall technology.
The answer may sound simple: Let’s just convert grey traffic into white traffic!

However, most mobile operators have yet to invest in an SMS revenue assurance platform.
And on the other hand, many others are still not aware of their full potential and are constantly losing revenues due to fraud, spam and leakages.

Monty Mobile’s powerful SMS Gateway Management has a long proven record of effectiveness. Our solution gives operators all the compulsory tools to stop their leakages, accompanied with our advanced SMARTWALL– SMS Firewall- that is able to detect all types of fraud and spam messaging, in addition to around the clock testing, money collection, commitment and prepayment!

Our complete
A2P SMS Monetization solution combines the right experience and high end technological tools to manage your network fully, and stop all grey routes and fraud immediately, thus doubling your revenues.
Complemented with the know-how and support of our experienced team, our solution ensures the delivery of all A2P SMS and guarantees that Operators are getting their full share.

So, what’s next?

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for A2P services. These messaging channels became essential to maintain business continuity during such a period, where in-person interactions decreased significantly, and where A2P traffic for e-commerce, online services, logistics and home-delivery services boomed!

The future of A2P messaging is still promising. And now more than ever, it revolves around businesses, enterprises and brands, thus increasingly empowering A2P messaging! Where will you stand in this evolution?

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