4 Steps To Fully Secure Your Network

While Mobile Operators keep expanding their networks to satisfy all of their customer’s needs, it is without a doubt that threats to their networks keep rising and with it the urgent concern to find reliable and secure solutions!

Indeed, risks are huge and even growing. But opportunities on the other hand are also not to be missed. This is where investing in an advanced Firewall system may be one of the best decisions an Operator can make!

Many operators face daily challenges because of lost revenues due to these security threats. Indeed, following Monty Mobile‘s experience in the market, these revenues could easily be retrieved. This can be done with the right set of tools in one consolidated strong Firewall for their networks.

Introducing our SMARTWALL!

Monty Mobile’s Smart Wall Solution has been developed combining operator and A2P technologies to create the perfect solution for Operators.

Instead of investing millions of dollars to analyze traffic and fight fraud, our Smart Wall offers a set of intelligent blocks to build up a firewall aiming towards blocking SMS Fraud and Spam. It secures the network, keeps subscribers satisfied, and increases revenues.

With 4 simples steps, Monty Mobile’s Smartwall is able to fully secure your Operator’s network, prevent leakages and make revenues!

  1. Detecting Threats
    When SMS traffic reaches the Mobile Operator’s network, SmartWall immediately scans each message, its originator, source and route used and sends real time alerts to stop any threats.
  2. Blocking Spam
    Our flexible and powerful system filters messages, analyses traffic, and blocks unwanted and unpaid messages which protects the network automatically against spamming, faking, scanning, and other threat types.
  3. Stopping Grey Routes
    Constant traffic analysis and threat detection is what helps in the stopping of Grey Routes. Customized rules are added in addition to the thorough follow up of our technical team guarantees the elimination of all Grey Routes on the network.
  4. Prevent Losses
    Once all grey routes and spam are blocked, Operators will be able to fully monetize their A2P SMS traffic. Benefitting from every SMS hitting their network and compensating the loss of Revenue from previous leakages and threats.

Our Smartwall is more than a simple firewall! It acts as an intelligent analytical tool, offered with a minimum initial cost, and equipped with advanced monitoring and reporting modules!

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